Chasing down The Beast

In 2009, while President Obama was in China, some lunatic decided it’d be a great idea to zoom past the motorcade and pull up alongside the President’s limo.  That limo, known as “The Beast” is a veritable tank, but it’s those Suburbans you really want to stay away from.  The first video shows this idiot’s shenanigans.  The second video shows why he’s lucky to be alive.

And here’s why you don’t mess with the Presidential motorcade:

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1 Ian April - 2012 at 12:19 am

I doubt the Chinese would let those on their roads, and I doubt the Secret Service or State Department would want the shitstorm that would occur if they were used. Not lucky to be alive…maybe lucky to not be sitting in a cell being questioned, though.

2 Adam August - 2012 at 10:26 am

The second video rocks. I didn’t know, they have that. That is a cool protection and certainly very effective. I agree with Ian, about the chance to test those on Chinese roads. No chance. Great find and interesting videos.

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