The Tripoli Grand Prix

One of my absolute favorite races, the Tripoli Grand Prix looks like something straight out of an Indiana Jones film.  Check out the cars being unloaded from their ships, and be sure not to miss what happens at 6:58.

This is an era when automotive racing teams were considered de-facto representatives of their native countries.  While this is still somewhat the case today, back then, even the governments would get involved.  War was on the horizon, and it was considered a big deal to prove your country’s technical prowess was superior.  Tripoli was ruled by Italy at this point, and the Tripoli Grand Prix was a jewel in Italy’s motor-racing crown.  All the more reason why it was so important for Italy’s rivals to defeat the Italian teams at this specific race.  If the video stops working, please let me know via email me or in the comments below.

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