The Tripoli Grand Prix

April 6, 2012
Tripoli Grand Prix Thumbnail

One of my absolute favorite races, the Tripoli Grand Prix looks like something straight out of an Indiana Jones film.  Check out the cars being unloaded from their ships, and be sure not to miss what happens at 6:58. This is an era when automotive racing teams were considered de-facto representatives of their native countries. […]

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Bertha Benz – Mother of the Automobile

April 4, 2012
Bertha Benz Thumbnail

This isn’t your typical “behind every great man there is a woman” story where we gush over some famous guy’s wife who did little more than cheer him on.  No.  Bertha Benz, all on her own, was an amazing individual and without question deserves the title of “Mother of the Automobile”. When Bertha was 10, […]

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